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Imagine a world where you could only pick one type of vibrator to use for the rest of your life (relax, hypothetically speaking only!), what would it be? For many women, without a doubt, it would be the bullet vibrator, one of the most basic and underrated, yet versatile, sex toys you can get for yourself or for couple’s play.

What makes the bullet vibrator your go-to choice whether you are a vibrator newbie or sex toy aficionado, is that they are nothing but small, discreet and not too intimidating. Plus, though it is perfect for clitoral stimulation when masturbating or having sex with a partner, the intense and concentrated vibration allows you to zone in on other erogenous zones and sensitive parts of your body that take you over the edge.

If you are still not convinced, here we will explain everything you need to know about it.

What is a bullet vibrator

Very small and generally very powerful for their size, they are discreet, affordable, come in different shapes and may feature different speeds and different vibration patterns. They are quite simple to use and perfect for those who need clitoral stimulation to get off. A good bullet vibrator takes care of that, above all else.

Most bullets are designed for external stimulation, although there are models that have accessories for penetration. Some will pulse; others will vibrate on a graduated speed scale; but most modern bullet vibrators come with five or six-speed patterns, which is pretty interesting for varying how you stimulate your hot spots.

Of course, there are bigger and more sophisticated vibrators, but we can always recommend the bullet vibrator to anyone who wants to start experimenting with a sex toy, as these erotic products are a good option for inexperienced people and women who need extra clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during solo play or with a partner as they can fit in between bodies more easily than bigger toys.

There are versions with wireless remote control, with hand control and in different shapes and colors.

How to use a bullet vibrator

Take your bullet out of the box or transport package and insert the batteries to see how it works, pressing all the on and off buttons. Experience all speeds and ways to manipulate the vibrator controls. Wash your vibrator thoroughly before using it for the first time. If it is not waterproof, be careful not to get the battery compartment wet.

Few vibrators come with an instruction manual or explanations for use. On the one hand, you may think that the manual is not necessary – after all, shouldn’t everyone know how to use a vibrator?

Well, if you’ve never used it, how will you know? Most people can find a way to their own pleasure with a vibrator, but it is much better to have the right tips at your fingertips!

Clitoral stimulation

If you like it intense, do a direct clitoral stimulation with the bullet longitudinally, between the lips and over the clitoris: move your hand over the small and large lips and gently open them; then, hold the bullet vibrator firmly on the clitoris or move the product in circles.

G-Spot Stimulation

Apply some lubricant onto yourself and the Bullet and insert the bullet through the vaginal opening, the woman’s extremely sensitive area. Slide the bullet into the vulva (placing it 4 to 6 cm into the vaginal canal) to reach and stimulate the G-spot and enjoy the sensations without rushing!

Anal stimulation

You can also use your bullet to enhance the pleasure with other toys and your vibe can add some extra fun to your anal play when using a butt plug. Simply press the vibrator against the base of the plug to create deep vibrating sensations that will leave you quivering with pleasure.

A word of warning, though – because of their shape, most bullet vibes aren’t safe for anal use alone as they don’t have a flared base, which means they could get lost inside. So keep your explorations external.

Stimulation inside the panties

Since the bullet is the smallest and lightest kind of vibrator, just put on tight panties and position it in front of the clitoris. Then, wear your clothes normally. If the product can be activated by cell phone or remote control, or even by background music – the most modern ones already have this option – it will be a really great sexual experience.

Stimulation with a partner

First, place the bullet vibrator between you and your partner during intercourse and lock the device between your pelvis. Then take turns: now one, now another will provide intimate masturbation by holding the bullet with the palm of your hand and touching the vibrator to the most sensitive erogenous areas of the body.

Stimulate other body parts too

Your body has many other erogenous zones, such as your nipples, thighs and perineum, that bit of flesh between your vagina and your butt. Press the vibrator against this part of your body and keep exploring to discover new erogenous zones. It’s a great way to discover your body and then share with your partner to spice up foreplay.

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