Guide To Anal Play

Guide To Anal Play

Basic Information About Anal Play

For some, anal play may come naturally, and they may experience minimal discomfort. For others, it is a process of training your brain into enjoying the kind of pleasure that only anal play can provide.

For experienced anal lovers and new alike, there are a few things you need to know about before you enter that back door pleasure boutique.

    You Absolutely Need Lubrication

That’s right, unless you’re getting into some scat play (and even then, you should still use some,) you’re going to need some lubrication.

The basics for choosing one for anal play are:

Silicone lubricants are ideal since they’re long-lasting. However, you cannot use a silicone-based lubricant with a toy containing silicone.

Oil-based can be used since they’re technically the longest-lasting. However, they will damage or even break condoms and can ruin many toys.

Water-based lubricants are a great choice. However, your body will quickly absorb what water is in the formula, meaning you’ll have to reapply.

We recommend having a selection of lubricants at your disposal regardless. That way, you can customise each pleasure-filled experience, like choosing a fine wine with a meal.

There are some unique hybrid (silicone and water combined) that you can use with toys, so check the product specifications to see if you can have the best of both worlds.


    Your Toy Needs to Have a Flared Base

As you may or may not be aware, sphincters like to pull things up into your anal canal, and they may be lost. This can lead to a very uncomfortable hospital visit where you have to explain what is in your butt and why. To avoid this, please only choose anal toys that have a flared-base or something to prevent it from being pulled into your body.


    Choose a Non-Porous Material

Like we’ve repeated time and time again, always choose non-porous toy materials, especially when it comes to anal play. While you may feel clean inside after using an enema or douche, porous toys will pick up and hold onto microscopic bacteria and even viruses. These will hide in invisible-to-the-naked-eye holes. Look for toys made with stainless steel, glass, or 100% silicone to ensure that your toy is safe for use.


    Can You Use it in Other Holes?

As a general rule of thumb for vulva owners, “V(agina) to A(nus) is okay, A to V is not safe for me.” Just like when you go to the bathroom, you wipe front to back. You don’t want to deposit any unwelcome visiting bacteria from your anus into your vagina or vulva. If you intend on using a toy for both anal and vaginal stimulation, make sure it is a 100% non-porous material. Also, make sure that it gets cleaned with extreme diligence between each use.


Main Types of Anal Toys

As much as we’d love to write you an exhaustive list of all kinds of anal toys, we’re just going to give you a breif overview of the most common types of anal sex toys.

    Butt Plugs

These come in all shapes, sizes, weights, textures, and with tons of optional features! If you’re looking for something small and easy to start with, like this small Temptasia Bling Plug that is made with platinum-cured silicone, making it a safe option!

Butt plugs can be worn for a feeling of fullness or containment while being stimulated otherwise. They can also be used as a stepping stone towards preparing for full anal penetration.

Countless variations can vibrate or even come with remote controls. Start small and inexpensive, then work your way up!

    Anal Beads

These are extremely popular for those who have dabbled with anal stimulation before. We love everything Anchor’s Away Anal Beads does.A safe and fun introduction to anal beads,. Graduated, flexible and soft jelly beads can be the best way to start out when exploring anal action or prostate play. A good sized base handle offers ease of access, as well as a firm anchor point when fully inserted; ensuring only a safe level of insertion is achieved, with the device never traveling further than intended.


     Prostate Stimulators

These belong to penis-owners, AMAB (Assigned Male at Birth), or anyone with XY chromosomes. They’re the only ones lucky enough to have a prostate!

Found about a finger’s length inside the anal canal, the half-walnut-shaped area is a pleasure destination. No wonder there is such a massive selection of prostate stimulators out there.

Some people prefer direct pressure while others like vibration

We love the P-Rock Prostate Massager Its unique, curved design is ideal for simultaneous prostate and testicular stimulation, so prepare to have your mind completely blown!


If the aforementioned aren’t for you then it’s fine. There is still another option out there for your pleasure like an anal Dildo. Suppose you’re looking for the feeling of being anally penetrated by a dildo. In that case, we recommend the Avant D11 Suko Sillicone Dildo.


So there you have it! These are the most common types of anal toys you’ll find out there. There are countless variations available, so you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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