Foot Fetish 101

Foot Fetish 101

What Does It Mean To Have A Foot Fetish?

What is a foot fetish? I don’t mean just finding a random person’s feet pretty or attractive. Or even just having a bit of a kink for feet, including toe kissing or sucking in sex sessions. I mean a full-on fetish for feet.

People who have a foot fetish get sexually aroused from feet. Looking at feet, involving them in power exchange and/or sexual play, thoughts of feet and the various connotations. Like most things in BDSM – and life in general- foot fetishism is experienced in a unique way by individuals, so it’s impossible to state a uniform way that this fetish is experienced by all people.

Over the years, I’ve spoken to many people with a foot fetish. They’ve told me that there needs to be a sexually enticing and alluring context for the feet in order for the arousal from the fetish to be triggered. All the foot fetishists I’ve spoken to have a penchant for female feet in particular – I’m yet to speak to someone with a fetish for men’s feet.

The arousing feet conjured in the imaginations and fantasies of the fetishists I’ve spoken to might be bare, or lightly encased in sandals or strappy shoes. Toenails may be painted or kept natural. Sometimes the context of fantasies are that the feet are worshipped, massaged, kissed or are toying with the fetishists body, in particular their genitalia. At other times they imagine just viewing these attractive feet barefoot or in shoes of their choice from afar. The idea of voluntarily or being ‘forced’ into licking cum from feet is a popular fantasy.

Distinct From Boot Worship & High Heels Fetish

People often have more than one kink, or fetish. These may be related in theme, or distinctly different. It would be easy to file boot worship and a fetish for high heels and similar, stereotypically ‘sexy’ footwear under the same bracket as foot fetish. They are definitely not all the same ‘thing’, however.

Why Are High Heels Sexy?

Feet encased in and adorned with high heels are sexy for a number of reasons, including:

  • Various media being awash with connotations between high heels, seduction and allure.
  • Wearing high heels makes the wearer’s legs look longer, leaner, more toned.
  • At the same time, wearing high heels adds aspects of vulnerability and fragility to the wearer, possibly engendering feelings of protectiveness and comparative ruggedness from the onlooker.
  • Walking in high heels causes the hips to sway, highlighting the erotic curves of the body and drawing attention to the wearer’s sexual appeal.
  • Many FemDom submissives see high heels as a symbol of femininity, and therefore associate them with perceived female superiority, in a BDSM sense.
Why Are Boots Sexy?

In addition to all the reasons why high heels are sexy, boots have their own particular appeal to fans and fetishists.

Boots, and those wearing the boots, are seen as erotic and enticing for a few extra reasons, including:

  • The material boots are made from. A kink for leather and/or PVC is extremely common.
  • Boots which are knee length or thigh-high encase not only the feet but also the calves, sheathing the legs in tight-fitting material which highlights their curves.
  • Thigh-high boots are one of the stereotypical items of apparel for Dominant women, as seen in various media such as TV shows, films and often worn by pro-Dommes.
  • With feet and legs sheathed in leather, PVC or other, there is a physical boundary between the wearer’s skin and body, and the observer or submissive. This physical boundary is often seen as a symbol of the difference in roles between the Dominant and submissive, rendering the dominant’s skin as sacred, forbidden territory behind a tangible barrier.
  • Boots can also be seen like armour being worn by a Dominant person. They’re made of durable materials, literally sheathe parts of the body –and with a high heel attached they can represent a potentially painful and dangerous weapon to anyone in the way or underfoot.

Someone who has a foot fetish may also have a high heels and/or boots kink or fetish, but as you can see, they’re by no means all one and the same thing.

What's The Deal With Foot Fetishes?

Physical & Psychological Reasons Behind A Foot Fetish

What’s so sexy about feet, anyway? Why would someone have a foot fetish, and how would foot fetishism manifest and be satisfied in a romantic or D/s relationship?

Here are some reasons why a person may find feet, in particular, psychologically and erotically arousing:

  • Feet are a symbol of power, as the weight of the person rests on them. They are what transport us around. In addition to this, in a D/s sense, feet can be used to crush or trample things underfoot. This opens up fantasy or reality potential such as barefoot trampling over a submissive, or CBT (cock and ball torture) such as ball crushing or ball kicking.
  • A person’s feet can be sweaty and emanate strong, typically unwelcome smells. Some submissives enjoy the sadistic/masochistic element of being forced to sniff or even lick stinky feet, which reinforces the sense of dominance, submission and the power exchange.
  • Sweaty feet can also be attributed to the hard work the person puts into parts of their life such as their job or exercise, a quality which is both commendable and deserving of respect. They can be a sign of a busy, active person. Some submissives enjoy being humiliated as ‘lazy’ while their dominant is ‘hardworking’, thereby providing a distinction between (consensual perceptions of) superior and inferior.
  • Feet can be extremely sore, but pampering, soothing attention is easy to provide. This attention may be given via a stress-relieving, practical method such as a cleansing & beautifully scented foot bath, foot massage or rubbing in medicinal ointment or moisturising lotion. Or those involved may enjoy an arousing, clear display of control –for example by foot worship such as kissing, licking, toe-sucking and similar.
  • During a foot massage there is an obvious contrast between the one being pampered and the one providing the massage service. When feet are being pampered, the one being served is ‘off their feet’, ie. relaxing. While they are lounging and enjoying being soothed, there is a clear distinction to the one providing this service, who usually is obliged to be in a physically lower physical position which echoes the controlled role they are playing in this relationship. One person is being pampered, served and worshipped, the other is doing the serving, pampering and worshipping.
  • Pets are often trained to obediently sit or sleep at their owner’s feet, or walk ‘to heel’, highlighting this area as a lowly position for someone perceived as inferior. When a submissive or foot fetishist is either allowed to sit at their partner’s or dominant’s feet, it represents a clear display of dominance and submission in a human D/s relationship. In fact, there may even be an element of pet play or puppy play involved –remember I explained how people can have more than one fetish, and they might all be somewhat related, or be distinctly different. Similarly, some foot fetishists may enjoy being used as a human footstool, in a forniphilia (human furniture fetish) way

Foot Fetishism Is Not Gender-Specific

Although the majority of my experience with the foot fetish and fetishists of feet have been men who adore my feet in a FemDom and BDSM sense, I wanted to be clear that foot fetishism is not gender-specific in the slightest. Obviously, feet in themselves aren’t gender-specific –so why would the fetish be?

Just as anal sex and using anal sex toys isn’t only for a specific gender or assigned to any specific sexuality, neither is having a foot fetish. In fact, what follows is a particularly hot anecdotal story about a foot-worship themed FemDom session I enjoyed some years ago with a female submissive. I hope you enjoy it.

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