FAQs: Why Use A Butt Plug?

Why Use A Butt Plug

Why on earth would you just want something to sit in your bum?

It’s a common enough question among anal toy newbies, but a simple wedge of silicone, glass, or metal can provide a new world of pleasure to explore for yourself. Even if you’ve sworn off anal sex, plugs can change what you think you know about back door pleasure – we’ve got 3 good reasons to take the plunge into butt plugs.

Anal Stimulation
The anus is jam packed with nerve endings – much like the ones on our lips – and can find immense pleasure in a little teasing (or a lot). The initial push-in of a well-lubricated butt plug, whether by your own hand or your partner’s, will stimulate those endings; this titillating feeling can increase chances of orgasm as well as heightening your climax and making it unforgettable.

Prostate Pleasure

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located behind the penis, but accessed directly through the rectum. A standard butt plug will rest against the prostate and increase pleasure; however, many plugs and massagers are designed to specially stimulate the prostate, with targeted massage on this indulgent sexual spot making orgasms stronger and pushing him to the edge

Filling & Thrilling
It’s inexplicable why being filled with a plug may be so enjoyable, but the sheer taboo factor of it alone makes it a tantalising treat. Many people will find excitement in doing mundane daily tasks while wearing a butt plug – household chores, work, even exercise – and having their own dirty little secret the whole time.

For women, a well-structured plug will provide that full feeling anally, but can also create a tightened sensation during vaginal sex and provide the feeling of a tighter vagina to increase sensation for both partners involved. No voodoo tightening creams needed!

So what do you think? Are butt plugs for you? You can check out the featured Petite Sensations Plug Purple, Orange Glass Butt Plug W/Fox Tail, and Amethyst Rain Butt Plug or browse our butt plugs, stimulators, and balls & beads to discover a new sensation, or add a new favorite to your collection.

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