Do Glass Dildos Actually Feel Good?

Do Glass Dildos Actually Feel Good

It’s a question we hear a lot and the answer is simple – Do glass dildos actually feel good? YES! Yes they do!

I was nervous the first time I tried a glass toy but I’ve never looked back since. They’re now my absolute favorite toys.

Here’s a list of reasons why your next toy should be a glass toy answer the question, Do Glass Dildos Actually Feel Good?

1.  Are glass toys safe?

Yes! They’re really safe. Borosilicate glass is an excellent material for a sex toy. This extremely durable glass is used extensively in the medical field. From fake eyes to artificial hips, borosilicate glass is safe and compatible with the human body.

2.  Can a glass toy break inside you?

No! A quality glass toy made from borosilicate glass cannot break inside you. Borosilicate glass toys are body safe and great to use, like any sex toy they need to be looked after. If you drop your toy and it has any cracks or chips – discard it immediately because bacteria can grow in the cracks. Always buy from a trusted place (like Adulttoymegastore) so you know it is a quality product with a warranty.

3.  How long can I keep my glass toy?

As long as you don’t drop it – causing chips or cracks – your toy will last a lot longer than other toys. With no batteries a glass toy can last forever. Glass dildos are pretty environmentally friendly! The materials used to make borosilicate glass are far more readily available than oil (used for plastic), and glass will stand the test of time when cared for correctly.

4.  How do you use a glass dildo?

In the same way you’d use any dildo! The key is to use lubricant – because your toy is glass you can use any lubricant. If it was silicone you’d need to use water-based lube.

The firm feeling of hard glass is incredible. And there’s a lot youi can do with a glass dildo. Glass dildos are able to withstand different temperatures! This means you can pop your glass toy in the fridge/freezer for an icy surprise, or warm it in a bowl of hot water to heat things up. They also retain heat extremely well, meaning that if you heat it up before use, it’s likely to stay warm throughout use.

Remember to test the temperature of your toy on the palm of your hand to make sure it’s not too cold or too hot to insert!

While borosilicate glass is tempered to cool and heat quickly without cracking, if your toy is cracked or chipped it needs to be discarded immediately. Any crack in a glass toy can lead to more chipping and breaking, as well as harbouring bacteria.

5.  Can I use my glass dildo in the bath or shower?

Yes! As they don’t have batteries – they’re perfect for use in the bath or shower. And unlike dildos made from silicone, glass dildos can be used with silicone lube. Silicone based lube is perfect for use in the water as it isn’t washed away as easily as water-based lubes, meaning your toys will stay nice and lubed up.

Water itself isn’t a good lubricant, so while you’re shagging in the shower, you want a lube that you won’t have to reapply and a toy that you can use with it!

6.  Can I use a glass toy anally?

As long as your toy has a flared base you can use it anally. Just remember to use a lot of lubricant! Again, you can use any lube you like with a glass toy!

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