Debunking The Most Common Sex Myths

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Sex. Oh yes, this is probably one of the most interesting discussions you can have with your peers, especially when you share trade secrets. There are plenty of alleged facts when it comes to the topic, but since most are passed down through word of mouth, debunking the most common sex myths can be challenging!

Cracking Down on Popular Sex Myths

Okay, now we said it was difficult, but not impossible though! Today, we will be looking into some of the most popular sex urban legends you might have heard, and then we’ll look at whether they are true or not. Get a pen and paper as we list them down and pass the verdict!

1.  Women Do Not Masturbate…..MYTH!

Come on people, this is just plain ridiculous! If women didn’t masturbate, then what are these female sex toys made for? What have Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” been doing in her room to loosen up? Women like exploring their bodies just as much as men do. Maybe the reason why people thought of this myth is because girls don’t usually talk about it in the open. We still have this shame about the topic and the fear of being called slutty. But long story short, women do masturbate.

2.  “Blue Balls” Is Real…..FACT!

“Blue balls,” medically known as vasocongestion, is real. Contrary to popular belief, women also experience this when there’s a sudden gush of blood to their privates due to arousal. But hold your horses, gentlemen! That still doesn’t give you a valid alibi to force your partner to having sex if they’re not in the mood. First of all, it’s not life-threatening – just plain annoying. Want to get rid of it? Masturbate, or just move on to the next topic. Plain and simple.

3.  Only Gay Men Enjoy Anal Sex…..MYTH!

While gay men have been known to engage in it, anyone can enjoy anal sex regardless of sexual orientation. The prostate gland is massaged when men are entered from behind, and women get a certain sensation as nerve endings from their clitoris are stimulated from the anal wall. It’s just a matter of preparation, both mental and physical, and anal sex can prove to be a pleasurable surprise in bed. And that’s a secret the gay men have been enjoying!

4.  You Can’t Get Pregnant During Your Period….MYTH!

Now we were also shocked about this, but yes, there’s still a chance that you can get pregnant even during menstruation. While the possibilities are close to none, your period is not a fool-proof contraception. How does this happen? Some women have particularly shorter menstrual cycles, which means ovulation could happen closer to their period dates. Now pair that with the lifespan of a sperm which is five (5) days and poof! Hello, baby!

5.  Penetration is the Only Way a Woman Can Orgasm…..MYTH!

Blame porn for making us believe that vaginal sex is the only way to make a woman reach seventh heaven, but no, that’s not the case. As a matter of fact, there’s a bigger percent of women who orgasm through other means, such as clitoral stimulation and sex toy play. This being said, you should not be afraid to explore a woman’s body. It’s not just insert, pump, hammer away, and you’re done. Learn to listen to what makes your partner swoon in bed and trust us, it’s going to be awesome.

6.  Having Sex Before a Big Game is Bad…..MYTH!

Nope, there’s absolutely no relation between your athletic performance and having sex beforehand, reports CNN. As a matter of fact, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey even says she tries to have as much action in bed as possible, and she was still phenomenal. We can blame this myth on ancient Greek and Chinese medicine, which suggests frustration of abstaining can improve your performance. But why would you deprive yourself, right?

7.  Oysters Are a Great Aphrodisiac…..MYTH!

University of Minnesota’s Dr. Jon I. Pryor dispels the wrong belief that oysters make you horny. It doesn’t have any effect to your libido whatsoever. If any, it might just be the placebo effect that makes you believe you’re feeling friskier than usual, so good for you! Anyway, if that wasn’t true, then what was Latrell Spencer (Terry Crews) thinking of when he was eating that oyster during his date with a disguised Marcus (Marlon Wayans) in “White Chicks?” Showing off his tongue, perhaps?

8.  Sex in the Water Kills Sperm…..FACT!

Before you go assuming things, here’s the whole truth about having sex in water, especially in a hot tub. While some of them would die, don’t count on it as an effective means of birth control. Sure, some of them may already be dead in the water, but there are still a few of them that could make their way into the baby oven. Finn (Cory Monteith) may have failed to get the memo and misunderstood this when he thought he was the baby-daddy of Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) little one in “Glee!”

9.  Your Diet Affects How Your Semen Tastes…..FACT!-ish

This one is a bit complicated. According to Dr. Nelson Bennett of Northwestern Memorial, sure, diet can affect how your swimmers taste, but they aren’t that significant to be noticed. While pineapple and other sugary fruits can influence how your semen tastes, it might take days or weeks to see a slight difference. Let’s just accept the fact that it’s not necessary fruit juice to begin with! But then again, we don’t judge, do what you like! (wink wink!)

10.  Sex Life Gets Boring After Marriage…..MYTH!-ish

While sex is an important part of marriage, the over-familiarity with each other shouldn’t make it boring. Making it exciting every single time greatly depends on how open you are to each other. Are you able to communicate about your fantasies? Are you letting the daily problems get the best of your relationship? Constantly letting each other be heard is important to an enjoyable sex. And the fact you’re together means you have more time to experiment! Care to try some couple’s toys?

And there you have it! Do you have other sex myths that need debunking? Let us know and we’ll try to research the facts for you

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