Could ‘Three-Minute Game’ Spice Up Your Sex Life?

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Many couples regularly look for ways to boost their sex life, particularly if romance is waning in the bedroom. This could be where ‘The Three-Minute Game’ really helps out, with experts predicting this simple activity could be the key to improving sexual relationships.

Cosmopolitan magazine reported how ‘The Three-Minute Game’ works by each person asking specific questions, such as ‘How do you want me to touch you for three minutes?’ and ‘How do you want to touch me for three minutes?’.

While it sounds simple, these open and honest questions are enough to break down barriers between partners and invites them into a more intimate moment. Lucy Beresford, a psychotherapist and sex and relationships expert, told the magazine: “This very simple structure leads to lots of deeper insights around trust, consent, giving and receiving in our interactions with other people.”

Although couples might be tempted to go straight to each other’s saucy zones, the trick is to start on less sexual areas.

Psychosexual and relationships therapist Carolyn Cowan said: “Actually allow the other person to invite you, and give as the other person asks, and if you can, say no – that’s the purpose of the game.” Sound strange? Well, apparently, the game unveils the ‘Wheel of Consent’, which helps each person see what role they take on when it comes to lovemaking.

Those who are always ‘givers’ during sensual moments tend to be people-pleasers or rescuers, while those who typically prefer to receive touch could feel entitled, Lucy says. Knowing this and having to both please your partner and be pleasured yourself means those roles are broken down.

According to Lucy: “We get the chance to touch just for the sake of it, without believing we have to ‘earn’ the pleasure, and we get to experience the differences between being a ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’, which is vital in intimate relationships.”

The game can also be used as an ice-breaker, to heal abusive relationships, or simply to create a greater awareness of the things they take for granted, as well as improve communication between partners – which can often be a problem for couples who have been together a long time.

This game could prove more beneficial than ever, as recent research revealed as much as 27 per cent of women say they no longer have sex these days.

The shocking findings come from the Daily Mail, using data from the Office for National Statistics. The poll on British Women And Relationships even discovered one in three ladies have pretended to be asleep to avoid getting intimate, while eight per cent have even gone so far as to start a row on purpose.

And the reason behind this disinterest in sex? Behavioural psychologist and relationship expert Jo Hemmings told the newspaper it could be the result of modern life and women struggling to find time for this part of their relationship. In fact, more than half (55 per cent) of those surveyed said they had been too exhausted in the past to bother with sex. Well, we think women all over the UK should make time, as it’s essential for keeping a relationship alive.

“When we climax the body produces hormones that bond us to our partner, making us feel safe and good about ourselves,” according to Jo.  Another way to boost our sex life, as well as playing ‘The Three-Minute Game’ is indulging in some adult sex toys. For a wide selection of clothes, props and bondage gear, take a look here.

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