Common Misconceptions of Anal Play

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“You want me to put that where?” you might say to your partner in a surprised voice. It’s not as unusual as you may think, and both men and women often find it to be one of the more exciting and pleasurable activities. But before we get started with this exotic type of play, let’s clear up a few common misconceptions about anal play.

It won’t fit!

Chances are, yes, it will. But beginners should go for a smaller variety, and many anal sex toys are shaped specifically for this purpose, with a small circumference often narrowed at the end so it goes in easy. Once you get used to the idea, you’ll be surprised at the size of sex toys you can use.

It hurts!

Not if you do it right. Once again, use smaller toys specifically designed for anal play, start slow, and don’t rush things. Use lubrication – more than you would usually use for penetrating the vagina, since there isn’t much natural lubrication inside the rectum. The tissue inside the rectum is very sensitive, and using anal sex toys without lubrication is generally a bad idea. Lubrications made specifically for anal play are best; these lubes tend to be a bit thicker in consistency.

It’s only something for the “non straight”…

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Pleasure is pleasure, no matter who’s doing it to whom, and who is putting what where. Men of all sexual persuasions often find stimulation of the prostate to be intensely pleasurable at times, and women will also often enjoy anal sex toys as another excellent type of pleasure. More research is being discovered that actually links good prostate health to a happier overall lifestyle.

It’s just like penetrating a woman’s vagina.

The vagina has natural lubrication; the rectum has little to none. Also, you have more play space in the vagina, and the muscles can be looser. Inside the rectum, there are muscles that tighten up, and it takes a lot more patience than vaginal play. If you’re inserting a sex toy, you have to go very slowly, don’t force it, and don’t use hard, fast thrusts. If what you’re doing is painful, you’re not doing it right

Playing with anal toys is too messy.

Well first of all, good sex is always a little messy, but we know what you’re getting at here. There’s no reason you or your partner should have to deal with excrement. A good practice is to have a shower and have a good bowel movement beforehand, and watch what you eat that day – a big bowl of chilli is probably not a good idea! If you have a normal bowel movement, you should be fairly clean and won’t have to worry about it.

It will cause incontinence.

This is a major misconception, and one that is not true at all. The anus is after all, just a muscle. Playing with anal sex toys just exercises the muscles in that particular area of your body, that’s all – and there are no studies to show that is causes incontinence later on.

When using anal adult toys, people often keep a closed mind without even knowing much about anal play. We hope this list has cleared a few of the more common misconceptions involved with Anal Sex Toys and anal play!


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