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Gold Plated Sex Dice

For The Adventurous Couples Who Don’t Mind Leaving A Few Things Up To Chance, The Gold Sex Dice Is A Must Have. This Gold Plated Dice Set Contains Two Pieces, One With Sensual Actions On One, And A Body Part On The Other. Roll Both, See Where They Land, And Then Follow The Instructions For An Unforgettable Night.

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Rose Gold Freaky Sex Dice

Take the Gamble!

Orgasmic Results.

Add spontaneity, surprise, fun and affection with a simple roll of the dice

Pick Your Fate

Freaky Dice comes in Gold Plated or Rose Gold Plated Coating

Take it Anywhere

With each roll there's a different combination of freaky commands.

Endless Possibilities

Sensual Actions On One, And A Body Part On The Other

Pleasure at the roll of the dice

Look no further for an exciting way to add spice into your love life! So many fun combinations – blow the dice and let lady luck decide!