Blindfolding For Enhanced Love Making?

blindfold for sex

Thinking of incorporating Blindfolding into your play for a special kind of sexual experience? In simple terms, Blindfolds take away one of our key senses; sight. Seems simple enough, but how does that help you might ask! When humans lose the ability to use a certain sense, the other senses naturally become heightened to accommodate for the loss. Every sound, touch, and taste is multiplied by several times when vision is taken away. With this knowledge, you can make your erotic experience more exhilarating than ever before.

Another benefit to blindfolds is that they significantly up the anticipation for sex. Since the blindfolded individual does not know when the next move is coming, this could make the whole experience so much more arousing. The excitement that comes with surprise can get a person warmed-up for sex much quicker than traditional foreplay. For individuals who are into bondage, roleplay, domination, and the like, being blindfolded or blindfolding another person definitely plays into those sexual fantasies and fetishes.

What do I do once the blindfold is on my partner?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself what you and your partner’s sexual preferences and fantasies are. For most couples, blindfolds work best when used on the submissive one in the pair so the other person can play a dominant role.

1.  Sensual Massage

Start off by telling your blindfolded partner to lay down for a relaxing massage. Guide your partner to the massage table, and slowly undress him or her. First, use your bare hands with limited, isolated contact to create arousal by touching parts of the body like the back of the neck, side of the stomach, calves, and more. Next, use scented oils and creams with long firm strokes on major body parts to build arousal and make the experience more luxurious. Then let yourself go, freely stroking, grabbing, and pinching every inch until your partner is soaked in his or her own sweat. Use only your hands during this phase.

2. Character Building

If you prefer playing the dominant role and taking charge of the situation, the blindfold can help you get into character during the massage since your partner cannot see you. When you know that you are not being watched, you will be much more comfortable getting rough and rowdy with your significant other.

3. Get Creative & Unpredictable

Within reason of course! To take the hotness up a notch, take your partner to the bedroom, and cuff your partner to the bed with the blindfold on. Then tease your partner with gentle caressing, kissing, licking, or sucking combined with long after-pauses to take his or her level of arousal to the limit. Sit back and enjoy watching your partner moan and squirm for more as you punish them with periods of inactivity. If you really want to be cruel, slide an ice cube across your partner’s moist skin when it’s least expected.

4. Call The Shots

Now it’s time for you to lay back and get served. This is where you command your partner to perform on you using the remaining senses. Forcefully demand that your partner put his or her hands on your body, and guide your partner with your voice to those forbidden areas so you can simultaneously indulge in the pleasure of domination and sexual release.

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