Best Way To Store Sex Toys

Best Way To Store Sex Toys

How do you store sex toys? Are there any discreet sex toy storage solutions available? What is the best way to store adult toys? If you’re sick of reaching for your favourite toy only to find it covered in dust from where you threw it under the bed last time, you need a new, better way to store your self-pleasure tools. In this guide I’ll be sharing my top recommendations to keep your precious vibrators, dildos & butt plugs safely hidden away, perfectly organised and ready for action whenever you are.

You might be tempted by what appear to be easy & cheap sex toy storage options. Using whatever you can find round the house, or available at the supermarket, to store your vibrators and other toys. Perhaps you’re limited by budget, or you’re just not sure how else you’re meant to keep your orgasm-providers neat and tidy.

I must admit to ‘making do’ in the past, with regards sex toy storage, using whatever I had round the house which seemed to work. And they did, for a little while. There was always something not quite right, though. Annoyances, and a feeling that there has to be a better way.

Food Bags 

Plastic food bags didn’t properly fit the longer vibrators and large dildos I had, and I couldn’t close them securely enough. Even zip lock bags felt like the plastic & fasteners wouldn’t stand much jostling in the bedside drawer or under the bed –and besides, the thin plastic didn’t do anything to protect my sex toys from knocks and accidental damage. They felt cheap and nasty, and they were.

Odd Socks 

Popping toys in odd socks was my next trick. Again, it didn’t feel right, was hardly what you’d call a classy and elegant way to store sex toys – especially when some of those sex toys were expensive!

They deserved better than being stuffed in a faded old sock, which left remnants of fabric fluff on the surface of my toy when I retrieved it anyway, meaning I had to rinse before use. Annoying.

Sometimes I couldn’t tell which toy was in each sock either, and it’s no fun hastily rifling through lumpy odd socks looking for the specific sex toy you’ve got in mind for an impromptu pleasure session.

Shoe Organiser 

I’ve even tried one of those over-door shoe organisers -you know, the vertically hung, fabric or plastic sheet with cubby holes where you place pairs of shoes? The thing is, I didn’t want my sex toy collection ‘out’ and always ‘in my face’ when it was hung over the back of my en-suite door.

So I tried it on the inside of my wardrobe door. But then, the door didn’t close properly -plus the bulk of the toys inside it took up a lot of closet space.

Do you really need any sex toy storage?  

Perhaps this is an odd question to include in a guide to the best ways to store your sex toys. You’re not breaking any laws by slinging your vibes in the bedside drawer or your dildos under the bed. Storage does help keep the dust and fluff at bay, though. If you’ve invested money in high-quality, effective sex toys, it makes sense to keep them in great condition which will see them last longer than if you’re pinging them round your bedroom like pinballs. Storing your toys carefully means you always know where they are -and will also help you keep tabs on any instruction manuals, charging leads and other accessories.


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