Beginner’s Guide To Penis Chastity

master series 4 ring chastity cage with urethal plug sm

So, you want to try a chastity device? Or maybe your partner wants you to wear one? Perhaps you’re reading this as you want your partner to wear one for you. Whatever your reason is for being here, you’re doing the right thing! So many people jump into chastity without really knowing what to expect or what the best way to do things is. I’ve been wearing chastity devices for years now. I have 13 of them and hopefully the tips and tricks I’ve learned through trial and error can help you have a smoother ride than perhaps you would otherwise have.

Let’s get this beginner’s guide to penis chastity started. Here’s my ten point plan for chastity joy:

1.  Can you already abstain from orgasms?

It’s common for people to try chastity and orgasm denial all in one go.  Whilst it may seem very hot to have your first denial period locked in a device, the reality is that you’re probably not ready.  Coping with a chastity device is a big change in itself. If you’re already distracted by your desire to orgasm, it won’t make things any easier.  Try abstaining for a few days, first.  Even if you’ve never abstained before, you should be able to go for a week without any self discipline issues.  My first denial period was for two weeks and I was fine.  Once you’ve done this and are used to the feelings accompanied with abstinence, you’ll be ready to try an actual device.

2.  Do you have the right size device?

Lots of people buy devices that don’t fit properly which, whether too big or too small, will cause issues.  Buying the correct size isn’t easy. In fact, you might not know which size is best until you actually try one. This is why it’s often best to buy a device that is customisable for your first time.  The cage portion of the device isn’t as important as the ring at the back so devices with multiple rings like the CB-6000 and the Bon4 are great.  If the cage is too tight or too big, it won’t cause you any discomfort.  If the back ring is the wrong size however, it will either chafe a lot, slip off  or, worse still, prevent blood flow and cause injuries.  If you can afford to buy a device with many rings then I recommend doing so.

3.  Have you prepared your skin?

Too many people buy chastity devices and just put them on, expecting them to work perfectly without any extra work.  This is like buying a huge anal dildo and just ramming it home without any lube, expecting nothing bad to happen.  Preparation can make a huge difference. For your first time, trim your hair so it’s short around your crotch, but not completely smooth.  Sure, it looks sexy to be completely smooth when wearing a device. That’s certainly the way I prefer to be.  But, if it’s your first time, it will cause irritation as you won’t be used to the ring rubbing against your skin.  Cropped hair will prevent it from becoming tangled up in the device and being pulled accidentally.  It will also provide a small amount of protection from the back ring to help prevent chafing.

One other thing to do before you slip it on is to apply lube.  I find water based lube to be the easiest and most mess free solution. Something like Like A Virgin Kit, will work well.

4. Don’t try it for too long for your first time.

I know it may seem very hot to buy a device then simply hand over the key to your partner or Mistress.  That’s what dreams are made of, right?  Sadly, they are just dreams.  In reality, you’ll need a small amount of time before you’re ready for that.  Jumping straight into 24/7 chastity will cause you problems.

Try it first for a short period of time (an hour for example). After an hour or two is up, take the device off and give your skin a break for a while (you can always put it back on again afterwards).  During the first period with it on, regularly assess how you feel.  It’s best for you to be at home for your first time so you can regularly check yourself to see if it fits well.  Bear in mind that the first time you put it on, you’ll probably be quite turned on and bigger than usual (I know I was, it took me ages before I could even manage to fit it).

When you have calmed down, which may take a while, you will settle down to normal.  This is the size you need to be measuring for.  When everything is calm, check that the ring is the right size.  If you have many rings then you can change it, if necessary.  Once you have the right size, you can begin to increase the time you wear it for.  If you’ve managed a couple of hours and everything is fine, why not try a whole day?

5.  Keep a spare key.

Even though the thought of a single key dangling around the ankle of your Mistress may be the very reason you entered into chastity, keep a spare key at the beginning, or at least have a quick way to break free of the device should you need to (in an emergency).

There are many ways to do this and still keep secure.  You could use those plastic, tamper-proof, single use locks.  They’re not expensive and your Mistress can keep an eye on the serial number to see how long you’re keeping it on for.  These are great, but probably a little extravagant until you’re wearing the device for at least a few days.

6. Enjoy it!

This is the most important point in this beginner’s guide to penis chastity, and about male chastity play in general. Chastity is fun!  Most people enjoy it straight away but even those who don’t often find it pleasurable over time.  If you need any motivation, think about how pleased your keyholder will be with you.  Think about how amazing your next orgasm will be, how intense it will feel to ejaculate after such a long time.  Think about how comforting it is to have a partner/keyholder who is willing to take the time and effort to hold your keys.  Over time, I’m sure you’ll come to love every moment of chastity, as I do.

When I started, I used to think about orgasms and being teased.  Now I enjoy the feeling of intense arousal so much, I often don’t like it when I’m made to orgasm!  After two or three weeks in a device I feel amazing.  All of that goes when I orgasm so I don’t like to do it, most of the time.  I’d rather not sacrifice a few seconds of pleasure for the ongoing feelings that can only be experienced with prolonged chastity.

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