8 Reasons to Masturbate Tonight!

8 Reasons to Masturbate Tonight!

Yes, it’s good for your health.

Yes, it’s good for your sex life.

But why?

Busting Masturbation Myths

When it comes to masturbation and solo sex, myths surrounding masturbation are a dime a dozen. Some of them may seem reasonable, while others are just plain weird.

Can Masturbation Make you go Blind?

No, absolutely not. Your solo-sex habits will not lead to blindness.

Can Masturbation Have an Impact on Your Fertility?

No. So long as you’re doing it with clean hands or a safe sex toy, solo sex will not have any impact on your fertility later in life.

Will my Palms Grow Hair if I Masturbate?

Where do people come up with this stuff? No, absolutely not. You will not spontaneously grow hair anywhere new as a result of masturbation.

Can Masturbation Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

This one has a little validity. This is referred to most commonly as Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction and can result from addictive masturbation behaviours. However, the research is a bit shaky. Some resources say excessive masturbation and porn use can lead to erectile issues. In contrast, others debunk it and say it’s a total myth.

Masturbation addiction or dependence only develops when you start to forget your other responsibilities, such as your career or family, to pursue self-pleasure.

Can masturbation make your penis shrink?

Nope, no, definitely not.

10 Reasons to Masturbate Tonight!

Masturbation, a.k.a solo-sex, is simply the act of pleasuring yourself sexually. You could play with your penis, vulva, vagina, testicles, breasts, anus, feet, whatever gives you sexual pleasure, we support!

Reason #1: It Teaches You About Your Sexual Self

During solo masturbation, you get free reign to explore your body, new sensations, new toys, anything you’d like! You may explore different types of pornography to see what tickles your fancy, use an erotic novel, or come up with a fantasy all your own.

Regardless of what you do, what you do it with, or what you’re touching, you’re learning about your sexual self and sexual identity. Masturbation will make sex with a partner much better because you’ll be able to tell them precisely what you like and how you want it. This communication equates to better sex!

Reason #2: Masturbation Improves Your Mood

When you experience sexual pleasure, your brain releases a whole host of neurochemicals that cause you to feel good. Neurochemicals such as oxytocin are released while you have sex or self-pleasure. Oxytocin, in particular, is known as the “love drug” and triggers feelings of affection, meaning you’ll feel more affectionate and bonded to yourself!

Reason #3: Masturbation Improves Your Sleep Quality

That’s right, you heard it here, masturbation can help you go to sleep faster and get better quality sleep!

After experiencing an orgasm, your body produces something called prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that is released by your pituitary gland. It is also released during sleep at varying levels. It has been known to share many properties with melatonin, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep.

A critical factor in many cases of insomnia is also high anxiety. Guess what helps with anxiety and other intense emotions?

Reason #4: Masturbation Helps Reduce Anxiety

Masturbation causes the release of dopamine, which is a powerful feel-good neurotransmitter. When you practice solo sex, your brain releases dopamine in anticipation of pleasure. Dopamine reminds your body that “this feels good, do it again!”

Simply put, it puts you in a better mood and pushes your worries away!

Reason #5: Masturbation Helps Relieve Symptoms of Pain

During that flood of neurochemicals produced by your brain during masturbation, some endorphins help combat pain as well!

When these endorphins are released, you’ll feel a reduction in physical pain, feelings of reduced appetite, and improved immune response!

This pain reduction can even help with menstrual cramps!

Reason #6: Masturbation can Help you Focus and Concentrate

You may have heard of “post-nut clarity,” but it seems to be a prevalent thing! While there haven’t been any specific scientific studies on this phenomenon, try masturbating the night before a big test or interview and see if it helps your performance!

Reason #7: It can Help you Last Longer in Bed

With this one, there may be a bit of a learning curve. This is an activity I use as a sex coach all the time.

While you’re masturbating, try and plot your sexual arousal on a scale from 1 to 10.

1 = vague stirring (like when you see someone attractive walking down the street

9 = orgasm

10 = ejaculation (yes, those are two separate events for both vulva and penis owners)

You fill in the rest of the numbers!

By knowing exactly what each number feels like to you, you’ll be able to lengthen your sexual experience with a partner because you’ll see when you’re getting close to the edge.

Reason #8: Your Way, Your Pleasure – It Improves Your Sex Life

You can do exactly what you want, how you want it, for as long or as short as you desire!

By exploring your pleasure, you’ll find all sorts of new positions, toys and fantasies you never knew you had.

Without judgment or worrying about another person, you’ll gain confidence in yourself, your body knowledge, and your sexual repertoire.

So enjoy your judgement-free zone. If you need toys to assist you enjoy even more don’t be shy and check out our store now!

Well, there you have it! Go flick your bean, spank the monkey, make a bald man cry, do the five-fingered shuffle, paddle the pink canoe, troll the Bermuda triangle, whatever you call it!

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