6 of the Worst Foods for Your Sex Drive

Worst Foods for Your Sex Drive

After writing about foods that are good for your sex drive, We figured it was only fair to tell you about the ones that are the worst, right? Some foods do not help your sex drive’ in fact, some actually kill it…not good. So to keep you informed, here’s our list of the worst foods for your sex drive. If you plan on a fun sex-filled evening, best to steer clear of these buggers.

Keep in mind, there are some sites online that say the exact opposite. Which ones are true, I really do not know, but these are what I found.

1. Processed foods–we already know that natural is always better and healthier, but did you know that processed foods can also be bad for your sex drive? Processing removes vital nutrients that you need for your health, and that includes your sexual health. Try to stay away from them anytime really.

2. Diet Soda–this is due to the artificial sweeteners and aspartame in it which is known to lower your serotonin levels which in return can lower your libido in both men and women. Too much soda, diet or not, is bad for you anyway.

3. Microwave Popcorn–not necessarily the popcorn itself actually, but the lining in it contains an ingredient that can actually kill your sex drive, and after prolonged exposure, can hurt your prostate too.

4. Prawns–according to the USDA’s Pesticide Data Program, we are exposed to many different pesticides on a daily basis. Several of these are called ‘endocrine disruptors’, which can mess with our hormones. The pesticide known as 4-hexyl resorcinol is used to keep prawns from discolouring, so when we consume prawns we are consuming the pesticide which can screw with our sex drive.

5. Liquorice–its main ingredient, glycyrrhizic acid, is known to suppress testosterone production.

6. Bottled Water–not the actual water, but its packaging just like with the microwave popcorn. The chemical component of the plastic bottle is known to cause fertility and sterility issues in men and women.

When you go online to look up this information, I can tell you that there are differentiating opinions on it, and remember that I am not an expert. If you don’t agree, or if you see something that says the exact opposite of what I have here, it’s not my fault. This is just what I came up with for you. Hope it helps you make better eating decisions at least! Enjoy!

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