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Stuck in a sexual rut? Try one of these board games— and reignite the passion.Tonight is the night, instead of Uno, Twister, or Monopoly, how about spicing up your sex life?

Check out these  sexy board games to spice up your sex life

dirty deeds game1.)Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds Sex is Only Dirty When You do it Right! Getting started: separate the cards into 4 decks: Getting dirty, Even Dirtier, Doing the Deed, and the Items, and place the activity card decks face down. Set the Item cards face up on the table so that all 8 items are in plain view.



Sensations Board Game2.)Sensations Board Game

A sensuous game for lovers! How can a game awaken all five senses? Sensations puts everything together to ensure that the mood is set for soft caresses, quivers of sensual delight, communication, passion and humor!All your senses will come alive!

Sensations entertains while leading you through an entire range of emotions. The game is an exciting and stimulating prelude and you may make discoveries about each other you never imagined!


Fantasy Affairs Game for Couples3.)Fantasy Affairs

Fantasy Affairs a fun adult board game for loving couples. Fantasy Affairs centers game play around various affair scenarios. Perhaps it is the housewife who yearns to seduce her handyman, or the worked up strip club patron eager to have a private performance. Whatever your secret fantasies are or can become, Fantasy Affairs offers you a safe, creative, and sexually satisfying way to embrace them with your lover.



Sexual Nirvana Lovers Game4.)Sexual Nirvana

Your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy Awaits!  Reach Sexual Nirvana with your lover as you explore your sexual fantasies with the help of this great little sex game. The object is to build sexual fantasies, either by chance or thoughtfully, depending on how you choose to play; inside you’ll find 52 colorful game cards, divided into Romance, Hot Sex, Role play, Fetish and Wildcard.




Sexy Rendezvous Game5.)Sexy Rendezvous

Sexy Rendezvous Game is a romantic game for two adult players. Flirt, kiss, massage, and enjoy frisky foreplay as you and your lover move around the board.




Monogamy Board Game6.)Monogamy

Have a red-hot affair, with your partner! Dim the lights, switch off the phone and get ready to play one of the hottest board games ever. Experience new, exciting and occasionally hilarious challenges with the throw of a dice.

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