5 Vintage Sex Toys to Make You Wonder…

Vintage Sex Toys

When We say to make you wonder, We truly mean to make you wonder, ‘what the hell were they thinking?’ Especially, if you’re the curious sort and want to see what they looked like, so you end up researching to see photos of Vintage Sex Toys to Make You Wonder. Trust us, the pictures will say a thousand words! And not all of those words will be nice ones either….You have been warned my friends!

Sex toys have been around for a long time and you can bet your sweet cheeks they will be for a lot longer. Now this list I’ve decided to compile for you is of outdated, no longer used toys that you can curiously find in random antique stores, because that’s what they are–Antiques. To state the obvious, some of these were not safe to use and by today’s standards are unsophisticated and just plain, wrong… You’ll see what I mean, believe me. Let it be known, that we have come a long way in our sex toy creations since back in the day.

  1. The Polar Cub Electric Vibrator–Wow, just wow! It reminds me of an electric cake mixer or potato masher. Popular in the 1920’s.
  2. Stim-U-Lax Junior Massage Instrument–this one straps to your hand, with what looks like a grenade on top, turning your hand into a ‘massage instrument’ and was advertised to sooth your neck and back muscles. Well hell, let’s try it on other body parts!
  3. Vibra Finger Gum Massager–used to massage your gums, recommended by dentists to be used daily…well okie dokie, if you insist!
  4. The Vibro Battery Massager–it came with an attached suction cup, need I say more???
  5. 60s Hitachi Electric Vibrator–now this one I had no idea about. It’s the original Magic Wand, the Hitachi we all know and love today. This must be their Grandfather, it has outlasted all of the rest of these various implements.

We skipped over some of the more ominous looking toys, but looking around for them was pretty easy, they were very popular. We for one are very happy that our toys have come such a long way, because just the thought of sticking any of those in my va-jay-jay is enough to make it tighten up and say ‘hell no!’ Enjoy my little list for you, because many women sure did.


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