5 Reasons to Keep the Lights on During Sex

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No one likes to get hit with a big energy bill at the end of the month, but when was the last time you intentionally left the lights on during sex?

Being able to see your other half during sex has numerous benefits so here are 7 illuminating reasons why you should consider keeping your finger off the dimmer switch.

1. See What You’re Doing

Yes, I know it sounds obvious, but with the lights on you can see exactly what’s going on!

You can now tell if a condom is torn or past its expiry date, and you’ll always be able to find the lube if you need extra.

Plus you’ll also be able to enjoy your partners body.

2. Increased Intimacy

It’s hard to lock eyes with your lover if you can’t see their face to begin with!

Leaving the lights on when you do it means you can both enjoy some eye contact.

Not only does eye contact increase the intimacy and intensity of your play, it’s also pretty damn hot.

3.Enjoy Their O-Face

Without a little light, how are you going to witness your partner in the throes of passion?

Having sex with the lights on, means you get to see what your lover looks like when they’re really enjoying themselves, and vice versa.

If you haven’t seen each other orgasm, you’re seriously missing out. Honestly, who doesn’t want to watch their partner experience earth-shattering pleasure?

4. Visual Cues

Leaving the light on can help you become a better lover, as you can see exactly where your partner likes to be caressed.

There are more erogenous zones than you might think, and in the dark you may be neglecting some key areas.

One of the biggest benefits of having sex with lights on is that your partner can show you what (and where) feels good.

5. Confidence Boost

Getting hot and heavy in the dark can be hot, but feeling like you can only have sex under cover of darkness may be a crutch for deeper insecurity.

Trust us, if your partner is into you, they’ll want to do it with the lights on or off, and your lack of thigh-gap or six-pack won’t matter one bit.

Suffering from pre-sex nerves is no picnic, but when you lack body confidence sometimes it helps to have your doubts dispelled right before your very eyes. So be brave and leave that light switch alone.

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