5 Basic Sex Toys You Should Know About (And Try!)

Basic Sex Toys

There are a lot of sex toys out there. They come in just about every shape, size and color imaginable. But no matter what sex shop you walk into, you’ll find they all carry a few basic types of toys. They’re all designed for pleasure, but knowing what they are and what they do is a great first step in choosing the ones that’ll work best for you. Consider it your sex toy reference guide. You’re welcome.


You probably have a basic idea of what a dildo is, but this is one very diverse group of toys. They can range from very realistic to simplistic to fantastical. No matter what kind you’re looking for, if you want to use it anally or with a harness you’re going to want a flared base.

Our top tip: Even if you’re not into anal, a flared base can still be useful for holding on to; sometimes they also double as a suction cup!

We recommend: Dual-density toys like Vixen Creations VixSkin, the Tantus line, and soft skin products from Vamp Silicone. These products have a firm core and soft exterior, which makes them soft, but with a backbone.


These are insertable toys that range from straight to curvy, and are found in every non-porous material there is. Some famous wand toys include the nJoy Pure Wand and the more recent Key by Jopen Comet G. Many (like these two) are curved for G-spot stimulation.

Our top tip: A curve is usually necessary – or at least helpful – because the G Spot is located above the pelvis inside the vagina. A curved toy made out of a hard material is ideal for the pressure a G-spot craves.

We recommend: The nJoy Pure Wand, Jopen Key, and anything by Fucking Sculptures or NobEssences.


External vibes range from a silver bullet to the Hitachi Magic Wand Original and other wand style toys. They come small, big, wired, wireless, everything in-between and more. These are some of the most popular sex toy styles out there, and the variety available is a reflection of that.

My top tip: If there’s a sample of the toy in the store, look for one with vibrations that are deep and thumpy rather than thin and buzzy. These vibrators can be used externally anywhere on the body- nipples, testicles, outside of the anus, on the penis, on the clitoris, anywhere that’s sensitive and external. You don’t want to use these internally because they’re small and liable to get lost.

For toys that use batteries, find out what kind. I’ve seen everything from watch batteries, to camera flash batteries to your typical AA and AAA batteries as well as the rare AAAA, C batteries and more. In general, the smaller the battery, the sooner it will run out. If you want a small toy without the hassle of watch batteries, I’d suggest going rechargeable.

We recommend: LELO MONA Wave Vibrator with its voluptuous form and beckoning come hither finger like motion, MONA Wave not only takes you to the limits of pleasure, but pushes you over the edge to a whole new world.  If you’re looking for something small but still strong and travel friendly, G Slim Petite Pink Vibrator is your ideal choice.


Butt plugs, anal probes, anal beads – all these and more are fantastic unisex anal toys. You’re going to want to look for hard, smooth materials because these qualities make them easier to use.

My top tips: Hard toys are easier to insert, and anything that isn’t smooth can be uncomfortable; the anal tissues are very sensitive, so any seams or roughness will be felt. Start small, work your way up. Don’t forget the flared base!

You need to exert pressure on the sphincter with the toy to get it in, but don’t try to force it. If you press the toy against the sphincter and hold it there, it will eventually accept it on its own. You need to find the right medium between too little pressure and too much; pay attention to how your body (or your partner’s body) reacts and it should go smoothly.

We recommend: Orgasmic anal toys like Quake Anal Chain Just Black and the complete Adam & Eve Couple’s Backdoor Pleasure Kit for everything you need to achieve backdoor pleasure.


There are a wide variety of cock rings on the market. Some are soft models that have vibrators attached for added stimulation, while others are made out of firm materials and meant more for their traditional use of holding blood in an erect penis to bring it to its full physical potential – and keep it there.

My top tip: No product can make a penis larger, but most people cannot maintain an erection at its fullest physical capability; this is normal. These products are traditionally marketed toward those with erectile dysfunction, but I personally think they’re great for anyone with a penis. Some even have a teardrop shape that stimulates the perineum!

We recommend: The Sensuelle R/C Bullet Ring, perfect for couples with tudded double cock ring. One smooth outer ring and one studded ring and a studded sleeve for stimulation for her.

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