4 Commonly Asked Anal Sex Questions

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Boy oh boy there is no hotter topic in sex right now. Anal is taking August by storm and judging from the traffic people have a lot of thoughts, questions and concerns about the backdoor shenanigans. Anal sex has become much more popular in recent years so it makes sense that folks are wondering about ass sex and are willing to give it a try.

Unfortunately, anal sex was taboo for so long that many people are unsure about some fundamental aspects of this age-old act. Seriously, some people really have no idea about the basic inside and outs of anal sex.

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns when it comes to bum fun.

1. Will it hurt?

This is a tough question. The easy answer is Yes, No, Maybe, Sometimes and Probably not after practice. Vague enough for you?

Anal sex is a very individual experience that does involve some factors. In reality, it is likely that anal lovin’ will hurt the first time, at least, as you get used to the sensation. However, there is no rule that, despite popular opinion, says ass sex will hurt all of the time, even the first. With the right preparation and stimulation, anal penetration feel just fine the first time and everytime.

The likely reasons for anal hurting are not using enough lube, nervousness and apprehension, going to fast and trying to insert something too big like a toy or penis. If you overdo it with lubrication, put yourself in a calm state and relax your body and muscles, slow the whole session down to include lots of foreplay (including stimulating other areas) and set realistic goals, anal sex can be successful on your first try.


2. Will it be dirty?

Here’s the thing: shit happens. Usually we use this phrase figuratively, but when it comes to buttstuff, it might be literal. And this scares a lot of people away from even attempting anal touch or penetration. We are taught to steer clear of poop and the thought of potentially encountering feces during sex upsets folks.

Fortunately, it is possible to minimize this already low chance possibility. In reality, feaces are not stored in the rectum, but rather in the colon, further up the system. You are unlikely to encounter turds when you’re having fun.

If you are interested in participating in bum fun, eat healthful food and avoid spicy, stomach-irritating meals. You can also take a shower before your sexytimes to get cleaned up. You can even clean inside the rectum with an anal douche.

If you take all of those precautions and some brown still hits the scene, stay calm and don’t worry about it. To help deal with that situation, it is a good idea to keep a warm, damp cloth nearby, to wipe up little messes or quickly clean off toys.


3. Can I orgasm?

Absolutely! Anybody of any body type can potentially orgasm from anal sex, whether that be penetration with a penis, sex toy or fingers.

For those who have a male body, a significant part of the sexual ecstasy of anal sex is prostate stimulation. This small, walnut-shaped organ is situated on the anterior side of the anal cavity and is a firecracker of sexual pleasure. Stroking the prostate alone, without penis stimulation can cause a person to orgasm.

Some folks might be a little skeptical of a female-bodied person’s ability to climax from anal sex. But it is true! Not only that, but some people report that it is actually easier during ass sex. Some sex positions, particularly doggie-style, are great for anal sex orgasms. The membrane that separates the rectum from the vagina is fairly thin, so, when done right, the G-spot is stroked and stimulated during anal sex.


4. What is rimming?

Rimming is the colloquial term for analingous and that is the act of using your tongue, lips and mouth on your partner’s anus. While anal penetration has become almost mainstream, rimming remains somewhat taboo. And sure, the sexy connection between ass and mouth is a tenuous one at best.

That said, rimming is an extremely intimate act as well as off-the-charts pleasurable. The anus is just full of nerve endings making the anus a hotspot of sexytime fun.

We hope this helps!

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