Put A Ring On It – A Cock Ring!

Guide to Cock Rings

I have to say, I am fairly convinced that humans started looking for ways to increase the duration of sex as soon as they discovered it was pleasurable for both parties. I can’t say from the beginning because I have a feeling sex wasn’t always greatly consensual when it started out. However, we’ve moved forward quite a bit since then and, these days, it seems a lot of folks are hoping sex will last longer for everybody’s enjoyment.

Unfortunately, what often cuts intercourse of various types short is the oh-so-delicate penis. This thing is often the reason we can’t go another few minutes because the owner has been unable to control the pleasure it receives and has already had an orgasm. Sometimes this comes far too fast. Or you don’t come at all.

Over the years, people have been looking for ways to improve this situation. This has lead to many potions and devices that have proven useless. However, one of the most historical sex products, which has been around for centuries, can sometimes increase the length of time we enjoy sex. And that is the cock ring.


What is a cock ring?

Cock rings are designed to trap the blood that has flown to the penis to make it harden within the cock. By placing the ring at the base of the shaft, the cock ring ensure the penis will stay hard, even if the man has issues maintaining an erection other times. They are very valuable tools for folks who experience some levels of erectile dysfunction. Another benefit to using a cock ring is that pooling that blood in the penis can give it a different type of sensitivity. It can reduce the urgent sensations associated with the desire to achieve orgasm. It still feels fantastic, but this bit of suppression can make sexytime sessions last longer.

There are, however, some important things to remember when it comes to using cock rings. The first thing is picking the right type of cock ring for you. There are numerous different kinds, but generally they fall into two distinct categories: fixed diameter and open diameter.


Fixed diameter

Fixed diameter cock rings are, quite simply, true, hard rings. Most often, these type of cock rings are stainless steel cock rings that you can find online at Cherry Banana. These ones are great because they provide a sturdy clamp around the base of the penis. One downside is that you cannot adjust them. You really have to be careful sizing this type, which means ensuring you can slip your penis and testicles through, but that the ring won’t then be stuck on the cock once the blood is trapped. A happy medium fixed cock ring is made a rubber or silicone. These are stretchy and much less fraught with potential problems. Just stretch and go!


Open diameter

Open diameter cock rings are definitely easier to use. These are ones you wrap around the base of the penis and secure shut with a clasp or snap or buckle. You are least likely to run into problems with these types of cock rings, but they do have their problems. Open diameter cock rings are sometimes harder to get a secure fit and that can affect their usefulness.

Another issue with these toys is that they can be harder to fit into place. Open diameter cock rings are often straps of leather (hot), but they can frequent shift position depending on the person’s body shape.

And one last thing to remember: if you’re using a cock ring, don’t live it on your dick or your partner’s dick for more than 20 minutes at a time. You’ll be risking permanent damage. And no amount of longer sex is worth that.

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