10 Weird Sex Practices That Will Shock You

Weird Sex Practices

What was the wildest thing you’ve ever done when it comes to sex? Some kind of orgy? Playing with sex toys to pump up the heat? Or perhaps doing kinky stuff with a bit of BDSM? If that’s the best you can think of, then we can already say that it cannot hold a candle against some of the weirdest sex practices around the world!

Some of you might think that going beyond your comfort zone, as far as sexual pleasure is concerned, is already daring and brave. Now if you believe you’re so tough in the sheets, we present to you actual traditions that push the boundaries of what’s normal – that is – based on our own context. Prepare to be shocked!

1.  Boys of the Sambia Tribe Drink Semen

You’ve heard the rule that if you go down on someone, never swallow unless surprised, right? Apparently, that’s not an option for the Sambia Tribe in Papua New Guinea. Oh, and it’s the little boys that are doing it!

In their culture, boys as young as 6 to 10 have cane sticks stuck into their nostrils until they bleed. Pair that with them ingesting the semen of older warriors and that just sounds like BDSM and homosexuality pushed to the extreme! According to their culture, having a sharp stick of cane in their nostrils is a symbol of strength, while drinking the semen is a rite of passage to manhood and inheriting the “masculine spirit.” That’s why they say all men have “eaten the penis.”

2.  Ancient Greece’s Fascination with Young Boys

Ancient Greece has a pretty vast and, if we were to put it lightly, controversial view of sex. How so? Let’s just say they aren’t afraid of pederasty, so much they even have it on paintings!

What’s pederasty, you say? That’s the term used to describe the sexual relationship between a man and a boy – and we mean adolescents that haven’t reached 18 years of age. But it’s not just about sex. The older man, known as the erastes, teaches the younger one, termed the eromenos, things like politics, social gatherings, and other intellectual pursuits. So you can call it mentoring. Okay, that sounds noble and all, but of course, they still have sex! Interesting, huh?

3.  The Kreung Tribe and Their Love Huts

In the modern society, young ladies are taught that their virginity is sacred and should only be given to “the one.” But in the Ratanakiri region of Cambodia, that concept is non-existent.

The Kreung tribe have a different mentality when it comes to sexuality. Their tradition dictates that once their daughters reach 13 to 15 years old, they build a separate love hut far from their family home. And in that hut, they could invite as many men as they want for sex and then get to choose who they want. Women have dominance and men can only follow. So if you thought you’re such an empowered woman, then you probably haven’t met the ladies of this tribe!

4.  Wife Sharing in a Nepalese Village

We all know how men are usually stereotyped to be monogamous. But men sharing the same wife? And get this – brothers sharing the same woman?

It may be surprising, but most families in the Upper Dolpa region, which is approximately 500 kilometres from Kathmandu, Nepal, practice polyandry. Can you imagine that, sharing the same wife with your brothers under one roof? While it sounds odd, it is actually beneficial in many ways for them. The men are assigned responsibilities when it comes to bringing in income, and the wife centralises how it is used. That keeps the wealth within the family, and it aids in their survival. Furthermore, it ensures the woman does not end up alone when one of her husbands die.

5.  The Wodaabe Tribe’s Wife-Stealing Customs

The two previous traditions feature women at some point of power. But trust us when we say they couldn’t compare to how much power the Wodaabe Tribe’s women of Niger have when it comes to sex!

How so? This tribe celebrates the Gerewol – a “wife-stealing” custom that they’ve been observing. To better illustrate this tradition, think of a beauty pageant, but instead of women it is the men who’s preparing to woo the audience – and more importantly the three female judges. It takes hours for the men to make themselves attractive with red paint on their faces, black eyeliners, feathers, and many more. Once the judges have chosen, they pick whichever man they want by tapping their shoulders, and it’s a done deal. And it doesn’t matter if they already have husbands! They just add another to their collection! Girl power!

6.  Public Masturbation in Ancient Egypt

Nowadays, if you deliberately stroke your penis in front of a non-consenting crowd, you could be charged for indecent exposure. However, public masturbation in Ancient Egypt is a norm; highly encouraged even!

This practice is based on an Egyptian creation myth, where the god Atum formed the universe as a result of ejaculation. It was even said that the Nile River itself was related to the god’s masturbation. To honor this, the Pharaoh would go to the Nile, undress, and masturbate until he ejaculates into the Nile. Other men would follow suit and masturbate as well, believing this would give them plentiful harvest and more blessings. Kinky, huh?

7.  Indonesia’s Sex Festival with Strangers

Speaking of public display, another spectacle can be seen in Mount Kemukus in Indonesia. What happens? The Pon Festival – a gathering where couples have sex with strangers!

How does this work? Pilgrims start with early morning prayers, and then proceed to the grave of prince Pangeran Samudro and his stepmother Nyai Ontrowulan and offer flowers – the inspiration of this tradition. They were believed to have engaged in illicit sex, and when they were killed on the spot after they were caught, they cast a curse, saying anyone who does something more scandalous will be blessed.

And so, after that, the pilgrims proceed to clean themselves in the springs, and the partner-hunt begins! But here’s the interesting part. They have to have sex with a stranger, and they have to do it seven times every 35 days! And here’s the rub – it doesn’t matter if they are married! All this for luck?

8.  The Muria Tribe and Premarital Sex

Let’s travel to India this time and look at how they perceive sex. While the topic is taboo in most of its territories, that is pretty much different for one tribe in Chhattisgarh. We’re talking about the Muria Tribe and their approval of premarital sex!

What happens is they create what they call a “Ghotul” – a dormitory where young people get to explore their sexuality. Everything starts with some sort of celebration – singing, dancing, the works. And as the night gets deep, two people who have consented to having sex begin to get down with it. And here’s another interesting fact – they can switch partners while inside the Ghotul and that’s no big deal at all! That’s a rather liberated view on sexuality, considering India’s pretty uptight about it up to this day.

9.  Sexual Repression in Inis Beag

Not all weird sex practices have to be so forward-thinking. As a matter of fact, one of them is extremely conservative that thinking about it would be enough to give you a bad case of blue balls.

I’m talking about no other than Inis Beag’s sexual repression. Just how so? It wouldn’t get the title of most sexually repressed place in the world for no reason. Imagine this. Kids are separated from each other so they won’t see each other naked. Masturbation is frowned upon. There is no concept of sex education whatsoever. Nudity is considered disgusting. And to top it all, sex between married people is done with as much clothing as possible, and they only do it missionary style, and is done mainly for reproductive purposes only! Who would want to live there? We sure don’t!

10.  Doing it With Donkeys in Cartagena

We all agree that sex education should be an integral part of growing up. You need to know your sexuality and how to pleasure your partner. But practicing on a donkey? That’s something that’s actually done in Colombia!

In Cartagena, adolescent boys practice sex with donkeys. And the odd thing about it is that their fathers lead them to the practice, so it accepted there! Once the boys have started, it becomes hard to let go of the act, so much that there have been reported cases where men cheat over their wives with donkeys. Like, really?

Why do they do this anyway? Considering Colombia is a Catholic nation, extramarital sex is forbidden, so they found bestiality as a loophole. They also believe that having sex with donkeys would make their penises bigger. Now that’s really weird.

Whew! And those are the 10 weird practices around the world. Now we know sex is seen differently in different places. While we don’t have to do all of those, we just have to respect each other’s individuality.

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