10 Things You Need to Know About Liberator Sex Furniture

About Liberator Sex Furniture

You may have also realised that Liberator sex furniture has been getting a lot of attention lately and might have been wondering why. Well, we all love having sex on a flat bed, but that doesn’t mean mixing things up can’t be fun – or even a game changer in your bedroom play. Not only that, besides spicing up things in bed, sex furniture helps you with positioning and angling for a deeper penetration creating more access to the G-spot and stability for a more exciting and erotic way of performing sex in various positions.

Liberator is the chief among sex furniture and the most iconic in the category. Its product enhance intimacy by inspiring creativity and romantic imagination. Simply put, Liberator claims to be the greatest invention for sex since the bed – and we do agree on that! The brand is all about making sex and everything else more enjoyable – all while making it happen with discreet furniture items no one would take a second glance at.

If you are interested in sex furniture but have no idea how to go about buying it, you are in the right place. At Kinkyfit, we have the best range of Liberator Sex Furniture and this post will tell you everything you need to know about Liberator sex furniture to help you make an informed purchase.

What is sex furniture?

First things first. By now you already have an idea what sex furniture is, however, in a nutshell, it’s any piece of furniture that aids in sexual experience. This can be for making certain positions easier, add excitement to your sexual life, or even for those with handicaps or injuries.

Female orgasm

If the G-spot orgasm is an allusive and mystical experience for you, or it is the only way to achieve total sexual satisfaction, the Liberator shapes can help you get that G-spot explosion more quickly and easily.

A G-spot orgasm happens when the front wall of the vagina is stimulated with intense, direct pressure. For some people may be difficult to hit that spot in most traditional sex positions, so bending the female partner over a Liberator shape allow the G-spot to be angled upward and more readily accessible and more pressure can easily be applied on it during penetration. In fact, with Liberator sex furniture, there are hundreds of sex positions couples can try out to facilitate G-spot.

What is the best position with Liberator Sex Furniture?

There is no answer to that. What does matter is that with Liberator shapes you will naturally engage in a variety of sex positions and with time you will discover what angle or variety of positions will work best for you. Let it go with your imagination and your bedroom play won’t become a boring matter. For every Liberator shapes, there is an array of sex positions and you can learn 9 of them on this Sex Position Guide with Liberator Sex Furniture.

Can Liberator help prevent pain during intercourse?

Sexual intimacy must not be limited to one sex position, and if you experience pain during intercourse you need to explore different positions to facilitate pain-free penetration. For example, placing a pillow under the woman’s buttocks if she is on her back can help. Trying intercourse from a side-lying position, and, if necessary, placing a pillow between the woman’s knees can further comfort and increase pelvic opening. Liberator shapes can help you with all that. With all different shapes and sizes, you will be able to explore all possibilities to make sex as pleasurable as it is supposed to be.

Can Liberator improve sex for those with small penis?

Yeah! Forget about pills and pumps, some unique positioning is all the enhancement your penis needs when trying to get deeper during penetration. The average size of the penis among most men is 5 to 6 inches when erected, but for males that are underfunded in this area, Liberator creates perfect angles to provide a more pleasurable penetration for both partners. To her, he’ll feel bigger. To him, she’ll feel tighter. It’s the best of both worlds, offering deeper penetration and increased stimulation. When it comes to Liberator, angles make the pleasure possible, not size


What is Liberator made of?

All Liberator sex furniture began with a high calibre, high-density, polyurethane foam core (what Liberator call the Champagne Foam), which spent months being designed, engineered and tested to meet Liberator standards. (Yes, testing was the most fun part of the process.) The result is a perfect balance of firm support (two moving bodies need plenty of that) and plush cushioning.

The foam core is encased in a smooth inner liner, which is made of a silky, water-resistant nylon fabric. Aside from being a great place for slipping, sliding sex, the liner also serves to compress the foam and make replacing the outer cover even easier.

The outer cover is what sets Liberator shapes from other sex furniture in the market. A Microfiber combination of nylon and cotton, it feels like the softest velvet, yet it’s much harder than velvet and can be unzipped and tossed into your washing machine. Another amazing benefit of this patent-pending fabric is that it grips like velcro. That means you can stack and stick your shapes together, and the fabric will not slip and slide during use. A stable playground is a fun playground.

Can Liberator be used with massage lotions and lubricants?

Liberator comes complete with a dual cover system. The liner and cover are both stain-resistant to water-based lotions and lubricants, so get down and dirty if you like. If you’re playing with sensual foods, Jell-O or whipped cream, Liberator velvety Microfiber cover is the perfect playground because it’s machine washable (and it gets softer with each washing).

How do I care for my Liberator Sex Furniture?

All Liberator covers are stain-resistant and easy to clean. The sensuous Microfiber cover zips right off and washes up like a pair of jeans. The inner, water-resistant nylon liner can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge. When not in use, you can keep your Liberator shape from collecting dust by storing it in an optional nylon gear bag. Your Liberator will last you a long, long time. But remember, always wash it in cold water!

Is Liberator easy to store?

Liberator sex furniture comes in all different sizes and shapes, but in general, if you have room for a suitcase, you have room for most Liberator gear. Depending on the height of your bed, the WedgeRamp and Wedge/Ramp Combo will stow conveniently under your bed for quick and spontaneous access.

When standing upright, the Stage and Ramp store easily in the closet and occupy less floor space than an average suitcase. They also make wonderful props for lounging, reading or watching TV.

That is the beauty of Liberator shapes. If you have limited room to store yours, with its discreet design it does not come across as super obvious sex furniture, it looks just like a regular living room accessory. Leaving one of these out on the floor won’t arouse suspicion from any in-laws who drop around.



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