10 Foods That Boost Your Sex Drive

Foods That Boost Your Sex Drive

Did you know there are foods that boost your sex drive? I’m not talking about oysters, but other normal foods that you’ll be surprised about. For those of you that don’t know, oysters are known as an aphrodisiac, how true that is I don’t know because I don’t eat them.

Therefore, for all of you and myself, I’ve compiled this list of 10 foods that boost your sex drive. Trust me that you will be surprised at some of the choices. I know I was. Enjoy!

1. Black Raspberries–the berries and the seeds are said to get you in the mood. And they taste great too! Eating 10 of them before getting busy or a tablespoon of seeds will enhance your mood.

2. Broccoli–no matter how you eat it, the Vitamin C that it contains is known to help the blood circulate to the organs and is said to increase libido in us females.

3. Cloves–use in food or add them to some hot cider or tea. They’re also good for bad breath, so add some smooching to your routine. Cloves are used to treat male sexual dysfunctions for centuries in India.

4. Figs–they are known to be fertility stimulants and can enhance the flow of pheromones.

5. Watermelon–apparently, even though watermelon is around 92% water, the remainder of the nutrients in it are vital for sexual health. Who knew right?

6. Eggs–no matter how you eat them, a couple a day can boost your stamina, and they aren’t very high in calories. They also contain an ingredient that has been known to help with erectile dysfunction.

7. Peppers–some say the hotter the better, but either way, they speed up your heart rate, increase endorphins, and get the blood flowing in the right places and equals better sex.

8. Strawberries–dip them in some dark chocolate if you’re feeling really frisky! They are known to be great for circulation which in return is helpful to your sexual functioning.

9. Almonds–with Vitamin E, Selenium, and Zinc, you can never go wrong with almonds. Did you know Zinc can boost libido and produce sex hormones for men? Nuff’ said!

10. Lettuce–Iceberg lettuce, especially because it contains an opiate that produces sex hormones. Nope, definitely didn’t know that!

Well, there you have it, 10 foods that boost your sex drive in one way or another. Surprised by some? Yeah, us too, but research is a learning experience that We enjoy doing. So run out to the grocer or market and get you some of the foods on the list and have a fun night! Enjoy!

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